Basketball Hoop Accessories

A basketball hoop and a ball is really all you really need to have in order to have great time on your home basketball court. However, if you want to take your home court to the next level, you might look into some of these cool basketball hoop accessories.

Court Lines

If you want your home court to feel like a pro court, then you can’t go wrong by laying down some court lines. A free throw line and three point line will make your games more interesting and a lot more fun. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get this effect — both temporary and permanent.

Spalding Chalk Court Marking Kit

If you want something simple that will give you an idea on where the court lines are, but doesn’t permanently mark up your driveway, a good option is the Spalding Chalk Court Marking Kit. It comes with chalk and measuring screen that allows you to quickly make court lines. Once you’re done playing, simply spray the chalk off the concrete using a hose.

Easy Court Premium Court Marking Stencil Kit

Want to get something a little more permanent? Then pick up the Easy Court Premium Court Marking Stencil Kit. It’s a little pricer than the chalk model, but it will give you regulations lines on your home court for years. It comes with paint and a cardboard stencil about as thick as a pizza box. Plus, it’s reusable. So you can create a full court or even multiple half courts if you want to.

Protective Netting

There’s nothing that slows a game down more than when you are forced to chase after the basketball after every single shot. If you want to keep the basketball on your home court, you may consider purchasing a protective net or two.

There are two main types of netting. The kind that attaches to your basketball hoop brackets, thus preventing the ball from rolling away. And then there is the kind that runs along side your court. Which one works best for you will depend upon exactly how your home basketball court is set up.

Hoop Lights

You don’t have to restrict your playing to daytime. With the help of hoop lights you can illuminate your court and play well into the evening. The hoop light attaches right to your basketball pole and provides a wide area of illumination.

Basketball Pole Pads

Do you expect to play rough on your home court.If you think you are going to host a lot of hard driving games on your basketball court, complete with layups and fast breaks, you should invest in a pole pad. This is simply a foam pad designed to wrap around your basketball pole. If someone loses control of their speed and accidentally collides with the pole, the pad will cushion them and reduce the risk of injury. This is a great extra safety feature

Air Pumps

Most basketballs require you pump it up occasionally in order to maintain its firmness. To give you the most comprehensive

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