Basketball Nets

The purpose of a basketball net is to guide the basketball downwards after a basket,thus preventing the ball from bouncing too far away from the court. You may believe that there is only one kind of net, but in reality you will have a few options when installing a basketball net for your home court.

Classic Nets

If you want a real basketball net, just like the kind the NBA has been using for generations, then you can’t go wrong with a classic basketball nets. These nets are very affordable and give you a satisfying “Swish” every time you nail a perfectly-executed basket. The only real downside to these nets is that they tend to wear, so you will need to purchase a new one every single year.

These nets from in classic all white or red, white, and blue.

Metal Nets

Metal basketball nets, just like the kind that you might find in a public basketball park, can also be purchase for home court. They really make you feel like you are playing street ball right in your driveway.
While these nets last longer than the typical nets made of a rope-like material, they will rust after a couple of years. Perhaps even faster if you happen to live in a rainy part of the country.


If you want o buy only one basketball net for you home court and then forget about it, then your best choice is the permanet basketball net. This basketball net is made of banded metal covered with plastic.Similar material is used to create virtually unbreakable bike locks. Since the metal is protected from the elements, it is much less prone to rusting. So you have a basketball net that may never need replacing.

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