Basketball Hoop Accessories

Basketball Hoop Accessories


A basketball hoop and a ball is really all you really need to have in order to have great time on your home basketball court. However, if you want to take your home court to the next level, you might look into some of these cool basketball hoop accessories.

Court Lines

If you want your home court to feel like a pro court, then you can’t go wrong by laying down some court lines. A free throw line and three point line will make your games more interesting and a lot more fun. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can get this effect — both temporary and permanent.

Spalding Chalk Court Marking Kit

If you want something simple that will give you an idea on where the court lines are, but doesn’t permanently mark up your driveway, a good option is the Spalding Chalk Court Marking Kit. It comes with chalk and measuring screen that allows you to quickly make court lines. Once you’re done playing, simply spray the chalk off the concrete using a hose.

Easy Court Premium Court Marking Stencil Kit

Want to get something a little more permanent? Then pick up the Easy Court Premium Court Marking Stencil Kit. It’s a little pricer than the chalk model, but it will give you regulations lines on your home court for years. It comes with paint and a cardboard stencil about as thick as a pizza box. Plus, it’s reusable. So you can create a full court or even multiple half courts if you want to.

Protective Netting

There’s nothing that slows a game down more than when you are forced to chase after the basketball after every single shot. If you want to keep the basketball on your home court, you may consider purchasing a protective net or two.

There are two main types of netting. The kind that attaches to your basketball hoop brackets, thus preventing the ball from rolling away. And then there is the kind that runs along side your court. Which one works best for you will depend upon exactly how your home basketball court is set up.

Hoop Lights

You don’t have to restrict your playing to daytime. With the help of hoop lights you can illuminate your court and play well into the evening. The hoop light attaches right to your basketball pole and provides a wide area of illumination.

Basketball Pole Pads

Do you expect to play rough on your home court.If you think you are going to host a lot of hard driving games on your basketball court, complete with layups and fast breaks, you should invest in a pole pad. This is simply a foam pad designed to wrap around your basketball pole. If someone loses control of their speed and accidentally collides with the pole, the pad will cushion them and reduce the risk of injury. This is a great extra safety feature

Air Pumps

Most basketballs require you pump it up occasionally in order to maintain its firmness. To give you the most comprehensive

Basketball Training Equipment

What Is The Best Basketball Training Equipment On The Market?


Now that you have the home basketball court of your dreams, it’s time to take your skills to the next level.Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone if you want to be king of the court. There are plenty of innovative basketball training equipment that can help you master the basics of playing basketball.

Shooting Skills

If you want to score like Kobe or LeBron, then you’ll need to master the art of nailing field goals. Here’s a few tools to make your a swish king.

SKLZ Basketball Shooting Target

This is a cheap way to get better at shooting. A simple, bright yellow target attaches to your rim and makes it easier to focus on where to shoot. After you make enough baskets using the target, you can take it down to see how your shooting percentage has improved without the device.

SKLZ Shotloc

Fix one of the biggest mistakes that players make when shooting with the SKLZ Shotloc. Simply place your finger in the ShotLoc to give your hand a perfect spread for ball control. The device also forces players to balance the ball on the palm of the hand to increase shooting accuracy.

Forces players to keep the ball off the palm of hand
Promotes proper release and follow-through
Spreads fingers for better ball stability
Flexible and comfortable to wear
Made of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial polyurethane
Available in three different sizes to fit all player types

SKLZ RainMaker

Often, the difference between whether or not a ball goes in or out is the trajectory of the ball. The SKLZ RainMaker shrinks the size of the hoop to force you to shoot with perfect arcs every time. Practice with it on for a couple days, then remove it to witness how much your shot has improved.

Jumping Skills

Getting a great vertical leap is the key to making unstoppable jump shots, impenetrable blocks, and even the ability to dunk. Here are a few tools anyone can use to add a few inches to how high they can fly.

HOPZ Vertical Jump Trainer

This device attaches your waist and ankles with resistance bands. By practicing leaps and lunges with it on, you work out the muscles that are essential to developing explosive vertical power.


Another clever device for increasing your vertical, Jumpsoles are plyometric platforms for your feet. In the package you get two jumpsoles, a training manual, and DVD that teaches you the most important exercises to help you get stronger and more powerful calf muscles.

Ball Handling Skills

Do your opponents seem to swat the ball out of your hands every time you have possession? Then you need to improve your ball handling skills. One of the best tools for making you a dribble master is the SKLZ basketball dribble stick. This device is a long stick with four arms that force you to refine and perfect your dribbling technique.

See improvements in dribbling technique.
Adjust the arms to practice multiple drills.
Can be used by players of all ages and ability levels
Manufacturer’s 90 Day Limited Warranty


Basketball Nets

Basketball Nets


The purpose of a basketball net is to guide the basketball downwards after a basket,thus preventing the ball from bouncing too far away from the court. You may believe that there is only one kind of net, but in reality you will have a few options when installing a basketball net for your home court.

Classic Nets

If you want a real basketball net, just like the kind the NBA has been using for generations, then you can’t go wrong with a classic basketball nets. These nets are very affordable and give you a satisfying “Swish” every time you nail a perfectly-executed basket. The only real downside to these nets is that they tend to wear, so you will need to purchase a new one every single year.

These nets from in classic all white or red, white, and blue.

Metal Nets

Metal basketball nets, just like the kind that you might find in a public basketball park, can also be purchase for home court. They really make you feel like you are playing street ball right in your driveway.
While these nets last longer than the typical nets made of a rope-like material, they will rust after a couple of years. Perhaps even faster if you happen to live in a rainy part of the country.


If you want o buy only one basketball net for you home court and then forget about it, then your best choice is the permanet basketball net. This basketball net is made of banded metal covered with plastic.Similar material is used to create virtually unbreakable bike locks. Since the metal is protected from the elements, it is much less prone to rusting. So you have a basketball net that may never need replacing.


A Complete Guide To Basketballs


You might have the greatest basketball system in the world. But it will be incomplete if you don’t have the right ball to go along with it. Here’s everything you need to know about

Basketball Sizes

Note: I should make a chart for this section explaining the different sizes

Basketballs meant for outdoor play come in three different sizes: Size 5, Size 6, and Size 7.

Size 5 balls, also sometimes called “Youth” basketballs are 27.5 inches in circumference. They are mainly used by children nine and younger.

Size 6 balls, also sometimes called “Mid” or “Women’s” basketballs are 28.5 inches in circumference. They are mainly used by females nine and older and males from nine to 12 in age.

Size 7 balls, also sometimes called “Official” or men’s basketballs, are 29.5 inches in circumference. They are mainly used by males aged 13 and older. This is the official sized basketball of the NBA.

Basketball Materials


Typically the most affordable basketballs are made of rubber. While these are at a good price point, they are sometimes sippery and don’t provide as good of a grip as composite basketballs.

Microfiber Composite

A step up from the ruber basketball are basketballs with a microfiber composite exterior. This is a high tech combination of both natural leather and synethic materials. These balls are ideal for either indoor or outdoor play. For most home basketball players who want to play on a home court or in their driveway, than this is the best choice.


Leather is the most expensive basketball material, and it also commonly found on balls used by elite players. For example the official NBA Ball and the Official FIBA Ball, which is used by olympic basketball players are both leather.

However, there are two things to consider when buying a leather basketball. Firstly, leather is only appropriate for indoor courts. The dirt and small pebbles that are commonly found on concrete or blacktop courts can harm the leather exterior of these basketballs. Secondly,

Novelty Basketballs

In addition, there are lots of multi color basketballs, basketballs that look like player jerseys, and even mini basketballs. Get these balls if you want to own something fun, but they aren’t ideal if you want something that will really give you a pro-like feel.


There are an overwhelming number of basketballs to choose from. If you have some difficulty sorting one from the either for use in your home court, would like to offer these reccomendations.

Spalding Never-Flat Indoor/Outdoor Composite

This ball is unique in that it is the only basketball guaranteed to stay inflated for an entire year. Spalding feels comfortable making that guarantee because they have developed some neat technology to prevent punctures and other things that might cause air to escape from the ball. Combined with the very grippable composite exterior and moderate price point, this ball is one of the best deals for home basketball courts.

MacGregor X-6000 Indoor/Outdoor Synthetic 29.5 Men’s Basketball

Looking for a good synethic basketball at a decent price point? Checkoing the MacGregor X-6000 basketball. It’s probably not a name you have heard before, but they offer a good ball at a good price.

Wilson NCAA Composite Basketball

Another good choice is the Wilson NCAA Composite Basketball. It’s nothing fancy. Just a good, durable ball that will heav you playing for hours.