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What Are The Best Cheap Basketball Hoops?

Don’t have a lot of cash to buy your basketball goal? No worries, there are a ton of highly affordable systems that can have you shooting hoops in your driveway for less than you might think.

Check out these awesome cheap basketball hoops for frugal ballers.

Portable Basketball Systems

The benefit of getting a portable basketball system is two fold. Firstly, they are a lot easier to set up, since you don’t have to cement them into the ground. And secondly, you can move them anywhere you want, including your garage after you’re done shooting hoops. One of the best affordable basketball hoops is the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 44-Inch Backboard. At less than $100, it’s one of the cheapest ways you can start playing basketball at home.

If you are buying your basketball hoop for a young child and want to go even cheaper, consider buying the Lifetime Youth Portable Basketball System. The hoop only goes up to 7.5 feet (as opposed to the 10 feet of a regulation system) but it’s great if you only expect little ones to play on it.

Wall Mounted Basketball

If you have a good spot on a wall to install a wall mounted basketball hoop, then buying a backboard and rim combo with a mounting bracket is a great choice. Since it doesn’t need a pole, it’s a lot easier to install, and there are a couple of very affordable options.

The Huffy Backboard & Rim Combo with 44-inch Composite Rectangle Backboard is a simple and cheap option. If you pick it up, make sure to also get the Spalding 8406S Universal Mounting Bracket.

Lifetime also has a good option with the Lifetime Impact Backboard and Rim Combo Kit, 44-Inch. In order to mount it to your ball, buy the Lifetime Hoop Extension Bracket.

In Ground Basketball Hoops

Want to get a solid In Ground system without having to take out a second mortgage in order to get it? Lifetime offers a very affordable system with the Lifetime 1008 In-Ground Basketball Hoop with 44 Inch Acrylic Fusion Backboard. It’s a basic system, but it will give you years of fun in your driveway.

Splading offers an ever cheaper system with the Spalding 88351 NBA 44″ Polycarbonate Backboard In-Ground Basketball System. It’s one of the only basketball hoops on the market that you can buy for under $200, but don’t let the price fool you. It’s a solid 44 inch basketball hoop that even includes a ground sleeve to make cementing the basketball hoop in the driveway even easier.

How To Save Even More Money

If you want to save even more money on your basketball hoop, learn how to install your goal rather than hiring an installer to do it for you. Take a look at our in ground installation guide to learn the basics. With a little bit of research and elbow grease, you can enjoy playing on your home basketball system for very little.

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