Goalrilla Vs Mammoth Basketball Hoops

The two biggest names in premium home basketball hoops are Goalrilla and Mammoth. These two brands can offer you nearly pro style play right in your driveway. While these two types of hoops may seem very similar, there are actually some important difference you should be aware of if you are going to purchase one of these hoops.

54 Inch Goalrilla And Mammoth Hoops

The 54 inch model Goalrilla is the GLR GS 54 Basketball System. The 54 inch model Mammoth hoop is the 54 inch Lifetime Mammoth In Gound Hoop. These are two very similar hoops. They both have five inch square poles, they both have the same size glass backboard, both are protected by a limited lifetime warranty, and they both can be adjusted from 7.5 to 10 feet in height. But they are different in some important ways.

The Mammoth and Goalrilla basketball hoops, across all sizes, have different adjustment systems. All Mammoth hoops use an air pneumatic adjustment system. While the Goalrilla basketball hoops allow you to adjust the hoop up and down by turning a crank. The Goalrilla hoop hoop has an overhang of thirty inches, while the Mammoth hoop has a slightly longer overhang of 35 inches.

But other than that , they hoops are very similar in quality in play. The Goalrilla goal is a better deal, since you can purchase it online for about $1000, while the Mammoth hoop usually sells for around $1200. Unless a longer overhang is important to you, get the Goalrilla hoop.

Goalrilla 54 Inch Basketball SystemLifetime Mammoth Basketball Hoop

60 Inch Goalrilla and Mammoth Hoops

The major difference between the Mammoth Hoop and the Goalrilla 60 inch models is the pole size. While the Mammoth hoop still has a five inch pole, the Goalrilla hoop benefits from a bigger six inch pole. That extra inch on the pole provides a much stronger and sturdier backboard, which provides better rebound for bank shots. While the Goalrilla 60 Inch costs a little more than the Mammoth model, it’s definitely a higher quality system.

Goalrilla 60 Inch Basketball HoopMammoth 60 Inch Basketball Hoop



72 Goalrilla And Mammoth Hoops

If you want to get a real NBA experience,both Goalrilla and Mammoth have basketball hoops with 72 inch backboards. But while Mammoth provides one 72 inch unit, Goalrilla offers a few pro style units. The higher end ones can comes with advanced features like half inch thick glass (as opposed to ⅜ inch) and thicker 6 x 8 inch poles. If you really want some of the best basketball that you can get on a home system, then you should look to a higher end system like the Goalrilla E1 Basketball System.

Goalrilla basketball Hoop