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How Much Does A Basketball Hoop Cost? (Really?)

The first question you will probably ask before starting to build your home or driveway basketball court is “How Much Does A Basketball Hoop Cost?” In truth the cost of basketball hoop depends upon what sort of basketball experience you want to have. A cheap kiddy hoop that children ten and under will have fun playing around on can cost less than $100. While a high quality basketball hoop that an NBA player would be proud to dunk on might set you back $2500.

There are a few questions to ask before you really narrow down how much you are going to pay for your basketball hoop?

What Is My Budget?

Firstly you should decide on what you willing to spend to get a basketball hoop in your drive. Since they vary so widely in price, a maximum price point will help you easily narrow down your options. Quality hoops can be had for a couple hundred dollars. But if you willing to pay a thousand dollars or more, you can enjoy a pro style basketball hoop that will last a lifetime.

Do I Want An In Ground Or Portable Basketball Hoop?

The next question you should ask yourself is whether you want a basketball hoop that installs directly in the ground or do you want a portable hoop that you can wheel into position. The primary advantage of in ground hoops is that they are much more stable and just plain feel a lot more like playing on a pro system. However, they are more difficult to install and require you purchase and use concrete in order to secure the pole.

Portable system on the other hand don’t have quite as good of a rebound, but they are easier to install and are less permanent. Rather than being cemented straight into the ground, they are weighed down by a base you fill with water or sand.

How Big Do I Want My Backboard To Be?

The pro size backboard is seventy two inches across. However, you can can smaller sizes. To get a full rundown of all of the backboard sizes, checkout our explanation of backboard materials. INCLUDE LINK

How Frequently Will I Need To Adjust The Basketball Hoop?

Are you going to keep your basketball hoop at the regulation height of ten feet, or are you going to adjust the hoop to lower heights in order to dunk or accommodate younger players?

Take a look at our adjustment system guide INCLUDE LINK to learn about the different adjustment systems that come with basketball hoops, and how they work.

Do I Need Any Accessories?

You should also consider that the basketball goal itself is not the only expense associated with building a home basketball system. You will also needs a basketball. If you choose an inground basketball hoop, you will have to also purchase cement. If you want to keep your ball from rolling somewhere you don’t want it go, will you also have to purchase a guard net. To get a review of all the accessories you can use to check out our accessories guide. (INCLUDE LINK)


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