Lifetime Basketball Hoops

The most popular brand of goals is the Lifetime basketball hoops. you will find these goals in more driveways than any other brand. And there’s a good reason for this, besides offering a wide variety of goals.

Lifetime literally has hundreds of goals to offer home basketball players. But to help you decide which one is the best one for you

Affordable Basketball Hoops

If you have an eye on your budget, there are fortunately a few options for someone who wants a good basketball system at a low price point. If you want to get an in ground basketball hoop, the Lifetime 1079 Height Adjustable In-Ground Basketball System with 48-Inch Backboard is one of the best choices that you can make.

If you want a portable system, then you should go with the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 44-Inch Backboard. It is one of the most affordable systems on the market, under $100, and consequently one of the most popular basketball hoops that you can buy. Buyers should be aware, however, that this type of hoop has no overhang, meaning that the pole is attached directly to the backboard.

Mid Range Basketball Hoops

If you want something that is a little higher quality than the budget models, without really breaking the bank, you have a few good options. Lifetime 71525 In-Ground Basketball System with 54-Inch Shatter Guard Backboard offers a much wider 54 inch backboard, plus an easy to use Power lift adjustment system.

If you would prefer a portable system with similar specs as the 71525, then take a look at the Lifetime 71524 XL Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 54-Inch Backboard. It has the same size backboard, the same adjustment system, and even the same overhang. But all that comes in a portable system you don’t have to cement into the ground.

High End Basketball Hoops

Looking to buy the best that the Lifetime brand can offer? For in ground basketball hoops, get the Lifetime 78888 Competition Series In-Ground Basketball Hoop with 54 Inch Shatter Guard Backboard. While all the other hoops on this list have a three and half inch round pole, this system has a four inch square pole. The thicker size and superior construction makes it sturdier and closer to an actual NBA backboard.

For a higher end portable hoop, get the Lifetime 71522 Competition XL Portable Basketball System with 54-Inch Shatter Guard Backboard.

Lifetime Ground Sleeve

If you are purchasing a Lifetime inground basketball hoop with a round pole, you may consider also buying the Lifetime In-Ground Sleeve for 3.5″ Round Pole. This accessory will make installation easier by allowing you to install your hoop without cementing the pole directly into the ground. Instead of the pole, you simply cement this sleeve. After the cement drives, you can simply slide the pole directly into the sleeve. In addition to making installation less of a headache, it also gives you the option of removing the pole, should you need the space or want to move the goal for any reason.

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