Hoop Basics

Affordable And Awesome Pool Basketball Hoops

Not all basketball hoops are installed in your driveway. In fact, there are a wide variety of fun poolside basketball hoops that you can use to make your home pool more fun.

If you want to get a very simple and affordable pool basketball hoop experience. The All Pro Water Basketball Game is smart choice. For less than thirty dollars, you get a basketball hoop that floats freely in the pool and a ball. While the hoop may drift from place to place as you try to make shots and dunks, hitting a moving target is half the fun.

If you want a poolside basketball hoop for kids, the Jamming Molded Poolside Basketball is a smart choice. It costs less than fifty dollars, but it’s great way to let your kids have more fun with your pool in the summer.

However, if you want a fixed goal at the end of your pool that adults can enjoy playing on, then there are a few good options. One of the most affordable is the Dunnrite PoolSport Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop. This is just a like a regular portable basketball hoop, except it it is made of much fewer metal ports and is set much lower to make playing by the pool a lot more fun. The base weighs 115 pounds when filled with water, so you can be assured that it will remain sturdy during rough play.

One of the best selling pool basketball hoops is the Lifetime 1306 Pool Side Height-Adjustable Portable Basketball System with 44-Inch Clear Acrylic Backboard. This system is popular because it’s high quality, using the same kind of acrylic backboard that LIfetime usues for their regular systems. But it’s still economical.

Want to play both volleyball and basketball in your pool. You can get a combo system for less than two hundred dollars with the SwimWays 2-in-1 Basketball and Volleyball Pool Game. The system includes a 24 foot net, two sturdy bases, and a fun pool basketball hoop.

If you are looking for something a little more advanced, including a regulation 18 inch rim that can use a regular basketball with, then get the Cool Jam Pro Basketball In Ground Swimming Pool Game. Unlike most other pool basketball systems, this one can actually adjust up and down, so players of various ages and skill levels can have fun playing on it.

There are also a few in ground pool basketball hoops available. While these are more difficult to install than the portable units, the advantage is that they will be a more permamnt and stable hoop to play on. One of the best hoops in this category is the Dunnrite DeckSplash Swimming Pool Basketball Hoop with Brass Anchors. The system in includes a ground sleeve that you can use to install the hoop.

If you are willing to spend a little more to get a higher quality system, then go with the S.R. Smith Swim N’ Dunk Stainless Steel Challenge Basketball Game, Stainless Steel. This hoop attaches to your deck with two posts, making it one of the most stable pool hoops that you can get.