What Is The Best Basketball Training Equipment On The Market?

Now that you have the home basketball court of your dreams, it’s time to take your skills to the next level.Fortunately, you don’t have to go it alone if you want to be king of the court. There are plenty of innovative basketball training equipment that can help you master the basics of playing basketball.

Shooting Skills

If you want to score like Kobe or LeBron, then you’ll need to master the art of nailing field goals. Here’s a few tools to make your a swish king.

SKLZ Basketball Shooting Target

This is a cheap way to get better at shooting. A simple, bright yellow target attaches to your rim and makes it easier to focus on where to shoot. After you make enough baskets using the target, you can take it down to see how your shooting percentage has improved without the device.

SKLZ Shotloc

Fix one of the biggest mistakes that players make when shooting with the SKLZ Shotloc. Simply place your finger in the ShotLoc to give your hand a perfect spread for ball control. The device also forces players to balance the ball on the palm of the hand to increase shooting accuracy.

Forces players to keep the ball off the palm of hand
Promotes proper release and follow-through
Spreads fingers for better ball stability
Flexible and comfortable to wear
Made of anti-fungal and anti-bacterial polyurethane
Available in three different sizes to fit all player types

SKLZ RainMaker

Often, the difference between whether or not a ball goes in or out is the trajectory of the ball. The SKLZ RainMaker shrinks the size of the hoop to force you to shoot with perfect arcs every time. Practice with it on for a couple days, then remove it to witness how much your shot has improved.

Jumping Skills

Getting a great vertical leap is the key to making unstoppable jump shots, impenetrable blocks, and even the ability to dunk. Here are a few tools anyone can use to add a few inches to how high they can fly.

HOPZ Vertical Jump Trainer

This device attaches your waist and ankles with resistance bands. By practicing leaps and lunges with it on, you work out the muscles that are essential to developing explosive vertical power.


Another clever device for increasing your vertical, Jumpsoles are plyometric platforms for your feet. In the package you get two jumpsoles, a training manual, and DVD that teaches you the most important exercises to help you get stronger and more powerful calf muscles.

Ball Handling Skills

Do your opponents seem to swat the ball out of your hands every time you have possession? Then you need to improve your ball handling skills. One of the best tools for making you a dribble master is the SKLZ basketball dribble stick. This device is a long stick with four arms that force you to refine and perfect your dribbling technique.

See improvements in dribbling technique.
Adjust the arms to practice multiple drills.
Can be used by players of all ages and ability levels
Manufacturer’s 90 Day Limited Warranty


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